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Welcome to the Renaissance Books Southridge location webpage where we strive to meet all of your questions you may have about us, where we are located and what we have to offer!


Welcome one and all!

We are proud to announce that we are finally on the web! Facebook, Google and right here!

A little bit to know about Renaissance books;

We are a locally owned company which strives to give you the best of the best in every way we can! Whether that is customer service or the books that you love!

Our Response to COVID

We understand that the times are hard due to the virus. Here are somethings to know when you visit us!

Masks (worn correctly ARE REQUIRED while inside our store until further notice, our staff is required to follow the same guideline to keep everyone a little bit more safe while in closer proximity. Our staff uses a ton of hand sanitizer, so please make sure to sanitize and wash your hands! Please do not eat or drink while inside the store as this requires you to remove your mask.

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